2013 will mark the 2nd of what those of us in Milwaukee hope will eventually be a traveling affair. Due in part to believing we might not see 2013 (tenuous is the globe huh?) we might have been less than committed to making sure the festival had a new home this year. But all is not lost, last year’s gathering was by and large a success according to our, arguably modest, standards (to which we’ve not heard any contrary considerations) and so we hope this year’s festival can maintain a modest degree of improvement.

Last years festival was marked with performances by the likes of Nick Demske, mIEKAL aND, Jen Tynes and Mike Sikkema, Dolly Lemke, MC Hyland, Catfish McDaris, David Press, Andy Gricevich, Okla Elliot and a bunch of others.

Presses who came through included Switchback Books, Doublecross, Horse Less, Orange Alert, Rabbit Catastrophe, Rain Taxi, Curbside Splendor, Projective Industries, Xexoxial, The Literary Underground, Poetry for the Masses, etc.

Again, those of us in Milwaukee hope that this festival becomes a traveling entity, that it will be collectively owned by the Midwest to celebrate the creative endeavors, ingenuity and communities harbored here. Hopefully  we’ll be visiting you next year, where ever you decide to take us, this time around… we invite you once again to Milwaukee.

Friday May 31st – Sunday June 2nd, 2013.

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